Ultimate Black Friday /Cyber Monday Personalized Painting/ Drawing Instruction Bundle


Ultimate Black Friday /Cyber Monday Personalized Painting/ Drawing Instruction Bundle


YOU get to be instrumental in designing your own painting/drawing course tailored to your needs with me.

Here’s what I mean.

For the next 96 hours I’ve put together the Ultimate Black Friday Bundle at a massive discount of 75% saving you $279.00.

I am giving you a personalized painting and drawing course for a mere $99. This means that over a series of messages with you and series 4 live Q and A meetings we will design the perfect course of study to develop YOU as a painter or draughtsman. It almost like you have your own personal coach! An unbelievable opportunity!


You get a personalized painting/drawing course for 75% off the regular value of $396 for $99.

No way can you ever get professional personalized painting instruction for that price.

Your instruction in private and your questions are confidential and will be anonymous during live Q&A.

We will begin the process with a series of messages over several weeks  which I will use to prepare for 4 live Q&A sessions which will  follow over several weeks after the holidays.

You will have many opportunities to ask questions to clear up any concerns.

  • Close to individualized training
    (This is an unbelievable value)
  • Goal assessment
    (To help you identify your direction and set you on a path in a workable timetable)
  • Instruction in painting styles and options tailored to you
    (To provide you with a freeing perspective of the many ways you can explore painting)
  • Learning style assessment
    (To help you develop resilience and balance as a creative)
  • Best materials and practices for you
    (To hone in on the materials and practices best suited to you)
  • A plan on how to start a painting
    (To try out various approaches to creating a painting)
  • Tricks to perspective
    (To discover techniques that improve the believability of shapes of objects in space)
  • Tricks to fluid lively drawing and painting
    (To eliminate stiff and stilted drawing and painting)
  • Color vibration tricks
    (To discover how to use color so that it vibrates and glows)
  • Individualized steps to better painting
    Individualized steps to better drawing
    (Once, I understand you, your experiences, your desires, I can streamline your steps to achieving your goals as a painter or draughtsman.)
  • And pretty much more as you request.
    (Listen, this is my favorite part for YOU, I listen to you and learn about things that concern YOU that I may have missed that are important to YOU!)



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