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Farm Down the Road

Winter Wonders

I love the crisp air, the crunch of the snow and the glistening white the covers the ground come winter in my part of the country. This season conjures up memories of ice skating and walking home to a warm dinner. I love winter! I want you to join me in this journey into the beauty and glory of winter. I have been fortunate to travel to the East, the Midwest and the West during winter. I am always amazed by the greeting of light everywhere I travel.

An Orange and an Apple

Still Life

There is something so intimate about being in front of a still life.... it is largely some food item, like fruit or bread.  It conjures up pleasant memories of delicious flavors and sharing everything good with friends. Some of these still life setups I painted outside in the sun, the glaring sun!  When that happens the reflections are so strong off the local colors that new colors appear everywhere on the items before me.  It is delight to see and record for you. Its an adventure mixing all the subtle variations.  This series of still life paintings from life, painted outdoors or indoors  are a delight with luscious appetizing colors!

Passing Through

Pastel Painting

These paintings were made with pastel, a permanent medium made with pure pigment and gum arabic.

Vicky's Place

Homes and Businesses

Finished Commission Drawings and paintings of homes or businesses or painting in a competition.