Hello, I am the artist, Judith Reidy.

I am so glad to know that you are hear wanting to know more about me. When you have learned what you want, please feel free to share something about yourself and your interests...

About  Me …. Judith Reidy

Artist, Author, Teacher

Sometimes our world can make us feel sad. We can forget to see the beauty around us. Nothing gives me more joy than to help others see the beauty in our world in the big and the small things through my own paintings and as I teach others about painting and discovering their Creative Zone.

I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t spend time just staring at the sky or the trees watching the movement of things around me as the light changes throughout the day. It’s such a pleasure. I want to share that experience with you through my painting and if you like to try your hand at being creative join me in my classes. What I see on the outside I believe is on the inside of things, even if it seems hidden. I hope you join me as I paint and teach.

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My Experience

I choose to live…. as an artist and painter.

Exhibited and Award Winning Artist.


Graduated from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee School of Fine a Arts

I  graduated from the University of Wisconsin School of Fine Arts, with a BFA in painting and drawing.

I  studied with such artists as Lorin Willey,  Fred Bell, Katie Mussloff, Greg LaRock, Lawrence Rathsack, Adolph Rosenblatt, Tom Uttech, Joan Franzen, Laura Priebe, Helena Ehlke, Joe Stanke, Paulette Jensen, Daryll Jenson, Ed Knippers, Stephan Samerjan, and Lori Beringer.

  • The previous: De Lind Gallery, Milwaukee, Wi
  • Boulevard Fine Art Clarendon Hills, IL
  • Gallery 110 N., Plymouth Center, Plymouth, WI
  • Schauer Gallery, Schauer Arts & Activity Center, Hartford, WI
  • Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend, WI
  • Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee WI
  • Rivers End Gallery, Waukesha, WI
Won Awards
  • Awards of Excellence
  • Best of Shows
  • Placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Honorable Mentions
Teaching Since 1979
Judith Reidy

Teacher Since 1979



I am always creating courses to match the needs and interests of my students with the goal of guiding them to discover their very special path and unique Creative Zone.

What you’ll learn

  • Basic Art Principles
  • Creating a painting from start
  • Essential Exploration Skills
  • Primary and Advanced Color work
  • Self-awareness (finding the internal compass)
  • Compositional strategies
  • Develop an Acute Visceral Response to Imagery (see the world through different eyes)


What students say…

Its always good to hear what students say about their experience.


I can only tell you that I thought your classes were enjoyable and if we needed help or asked a question you would always give us the individual help we needed. Otherwise I remember it was enjoyable to sit and paint with a fellow student and chat…..I think overall your personal attention to the students is a great help.

Ellen Follansbee
10 classes

I think the value studies were very useful. I had not thought of using photoshop to play with images like that. Using it to create limited palettes and convert to an indexed grayscale. To play with color and saturation. I really like the detailed nuts and bolts analysis of everyone’s work in progress. It really was useful to see what the other students were doing and how their work evolved.
I liked the analysis of the works in progress and ideas about how to proceed, alternatives and suggestions. It was enjoyable to hear the narrative behind the work.

Ken Harris

I really enjoyed understanding the ways to mix colors as to how the difference is if you mix warm and cool primary colors together to get different types of secondary colors. It has helped me out a lot with how I paint now.
I really liked doing all of the color mixes and coming up with different palettes for the two different palette paintings of the one picture I chose. Again, it has helped me in understanding what colors and palettes to use now for my abstract art.

Jenna Wasielewski

I liked your classes,…Skill of painting and knowledge of technique Loved your style and expertise -Loved relaxed atmosphere… care

Rhonda Simonson
15 Classes