Commissions Work!

How do Commissions Work?

You describe what you are interested in having done for you? I ask some questions and if I see photos in advance, gives a general price range.
If necessary you supply a photo or I take photographs and estimates a more specific price range with a contract.
After contract is signed and exchanged and earnest money received, I begin the project. From the notes and the photos, I create preliminary sketches.
You meet with me and discuss your options. then I develop the idea. At your discretion two or three progress meetings are prearranged with the meto discuss the progress of the project or emailed images of the progress of the project are sent to the you. At each meeting a fraction of the balance is paid until at the last meeting when the work is delivered at which time the final payment is made.

Trostel Mansion
Grace the Ballerina

Value and Price

Details such as size, framing, medium, and difficulty of subject affect the final price. If you are interested in learning more about how to have an unique creation in my personal style for yourself or someone special, I suggest you contact me.

 I paint and draw many things.  I love making still lifes, landscape paintings, human portraits and as you may know I do house portraits tool

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Different Directions
Different Diredtions
Old Man
Old Man