I am looking forward to my interactive painting/drawing class!

Its just wonderful to finally be able to share with you online.  I have taught painting and drawing for years in person, but I really wanted to create a larger community of student painters online, while providing specific guidance to each of you as much as possible in my upcoming interactive painting class.

Though I am an experienced artist and teacher, learning the technology of online classes has been a real challenge for me.  I really have a sense of what it feels like to be a raw beginner, with all the twists and turns of learning something I have never done before.  Finally I am beginning to work out the bugs of lighting and video with the help of my friend and old business partner, John Chowanec, who has made this process even possible.  Also other friends and and fellow artists such as James Edlebeck who have been so positive and encouraging to me.  I don’t know where I would be without their support.

Which brings me to my next point which is to remember how us artist who often spend hours alone benefit from support and encouragement from one another to keep on keeping on.

I hope you enjoy this bit and the many more that will be coming out in the future as we continue to learn this video presentation thing.  

Until next time ….keep your eye open for new video chats and demos in the coming days and weeks.  Please leave comments below and subscribe for my new posts. 

Judith 🙂

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2 thoughts on “I am looking forward to my interactive painting/drawing class!”

  1. Terrific! If you could leave your particular challenge when learning to paint now, I will try to address your challenge in the up coming painting class.

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