Judith Reidy

Thinking again!

I am glad I am sitting here.  I have had a sore throat for the past three days. It has given me a chance to pull back and rest which I am finding is not that easy for me to do.  I am always looking for something to distract me from my own busy mind.  But then when I fill my mind with distractions I am no less relieved from my racing mind and thoughts.  If I try to sit still and not think, I fall asleep.  Not a bad result.  I gather many can’t fall asleep….not me.
My family has always said I just go and go until I drop….and am out like a light.  Such sweetness when my head hits the pillow!
But when I am awake my mind is in a whirl.  Then I heard about the still small voice.  What is that I asked mysel?  How do you find it?  Discern it?
I heard it gave you depth and peace and authenticity.

Exactly what you need as a artist…..authenticity, depth and peace.